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DIY Weather Station

Weather Station for daily Weather tracking by Preschooler

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Weather 3 Part Cards

Montessori 3 Part Cards for our home school Weather unit

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Let’s talk about Weather

Weather Unit - activities, crafts & books about weather

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Finger Print Art

Mother's Day gives us a chance to make our Mom’s feel special. And, the best way to make her smile the biggest smile is by making a cute fingerprint craft. Fingerprint crafts for Mothers Day are really easy and would hardly take you half hour to do it. Moreover, it’s really fun doing these. If… Continue reading Finger Print Art

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Mother’s Day Craft Ideas

Some cute and simple Mother's Day crafts ideas

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Mother Child Love Craft

Cute & Easy Mother's Day craft for Preschoolers

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Owl Craft Card for Kids

This easy owl card craft is a simple homemade card idea for kids to make for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

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Honey, I’ve been thinking about our Baby…

A fictional account of a To-Be Father having random musings about his unborn child


My Unsolicited Advice on How to Deal with Unsolicited Parenting Advice

(or, 10 ways How to Say F@^k Off in a , slightly more, socially acceptable ways)

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Raising Kids without Anger

My 2-year-old daughter is a fireball of emotions. One minute she is happy and the very next minute she will get upset over something and have a meltdown and I will be absolutely clueless about what just happened. Though I love her deeply but in all honesty I have no idea how to handle her… Continue reading Raising Kids without Anger