Things Indian Parents Say

When we were expecting Baby R we had many discussions about the future like how will we cope with all the changes baby will bring in our lives or if we will let our child have screen time or whether we will be strict parents or completely laid back. There were plenty things we disagreed… Continue reading Things Indian Parents Say

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Never Say Never

Things I swore I’d never do as a parent — that I now do all the time.

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Nailed It!

Parenting is no easy feat but you know you've NailedIt when you see these 7 signs

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Learning Curve

When I started solids for Baby R, I was informed by my pediatrician to not offer salt or sugar before 1year. Though the elders at home did not agree, I was pretty sold that this was the way for me and Baby R to start our weaning journey. No matter how much advice(read unwanted) I… Continue reading Learning Curve

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Talk to my Hand

They say it takes a village to raise a child. But times have changed and you may have moved out of the village set-up, but certain village people will take it upon themselves, time after time, to offer unsolicited advice on how to raise "Your Baby". . Now I've been offered tons of conflicting advice… Continue reading Talk to my Hand

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Making Fun Family Traditions as we go

We don't really come from very traditional families me and Daddy R. We didn't have many set customs or rituals to follow while we were growing up. With Baby R in the picture now, we decided to have our own fun family traditions , like : . . 1. Try New Tuesdays - when Mama… Continue reading Making Fun Family Traditions as we go