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30 Things to Do Before I turn 30

Originally Published on my FB Page on September 29, 2011

This post was originally meant to be my Birthday Wishlist of all the things I wanted my Hubby to get me for my next Birthday even though it isn’t up for another 3 months, I wanted to give him a heads up considering how cleverly he had gotten away by giving me IOUs the whole of last year … well that’s topic for another post.

As I sat down to make the wishlist it dawned on me that in exactly 3 months and 21 days I will turn 30. :: scowl:: The big THREE-OH. I actually freaked out about this. I’m not sure exactly why. It might be because it means I’m actually an adult now, no turning back. And there are hard decisions ahead (like babies!! OMG the baby conversation. Another post for another time….) and responsibilities! Turning 30 probably means I have to stop tearing out my gray hair one at a time. Because honestly a) it hurts. A lot. And 2) there’s a lot of them! I could choose to go gray gracefully, but grace has never been “my thing” so why start now?

I’m also a little sad. I always thought I would accomplish a lot of things by 30 and I’m not sure I lived up to all my fantasies. Its not been a dull ride all along. I mean I’ve done 30 years worth of stuff. Some big monumental epic stuff like getting married to a great guy.and then some not so worth remembering like when I tried to eat this squishy Squid Curry thing in Thailand . But I’m not sure I did all of the things I wanted to at least Try when I started the 20s. I’ve never lived alone, I never went to mba school, I never changed the world, etc., etc.

So I decided to do something. I’ve decided to make a bucket list for the remaining few days of my youth. I’ve tried to keep it as realistic and achievable as possible. I mean c’mon, who wouldn’t want to party in Ibiza before God sucks the joy out of Life  but lets face reality a) My boss doesn’t love me enough let me go on a vacation b)Tickets to Ibiza will be crazy expensive if I book them right now!

So, here we go- It’s my very own and in no particular order:

30 Things to Do Before I turn 30

1.         Get a Tattoo

2.         Learn how to Salsa

3.         Do Goa… one more time plssss 🙂

4.         Learn how to speak Spanish/ French/ Italian or all of them

5.         Bake a Cake

6.         Move into my Own Place and do it up tastefully

7.         Get a new hairstyle (short … really short)

8.         Have a Baby

9.         Blow up a month’s salary on dinner for two at a really fancy restaurant. ( well not   a month’s salary but you get the point don’t you)

10.       Get Shagun Married ( I’m sure this won’t require much work)

11.       Start Yoga

12.       Get in Shape. (atleast I’ll be a good looking 30yr old)

13.       Sleep under the stars.

14.       Go to a huge sports game ( just for the thrill not that I’m a huge sports fan)

15.       Join Cooking Classes

16.       Get Drunk and Puke

17.       Sing Karoke in front of complete strangers and make a complete fool of myself

18.       Attend a Rock Concert

19.       Bungee Jump from somewhere

20.       Have a snowball fight

21.       See Snow Fall!!

22.       Get atleast one of my Writings/ Blog/ Posts published ( and the internet does not count)

23.       Invent my own cocktail

24.       March for a cause I believe in

25.       Work with an NGO for animals

26.       Go Dancing

27.       Host a Costume Party

28.       Play Teen – Patti ( Believe me when I say I have never done that before)

29.       Watch a Play

30.       Get a Fake ID that says I’m 21

2 thoughts on “30 Things to Do Before I turn 30”

  1. So old list. I find it very interesting. Now so many years later, have many came true?

    I comment few items.

    Learn how to Salsa – well, I love much more Cumbia. Its rhythm is fantastic and quite easy to learn. YouTube teaches. Here is in of my favorite Cumbia:

    Example of Cumbia music

    Learn how to speak Spanish/ French/ Italian or all of them. Have You learnt? I blog in four languages.

    See Snow Fall!! Well, did You see it? Here is my quite recent video about driving in snow:

    Driving in winter

    After long driving many years ago, we visited here:

    Santa Claus Village at the Arctic Circle

    All the best,


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