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Let’s talk about Weather

As we gear up for the rainy season here, I thought it was a good time to introduce the concept of weather to my almost 4 year old. She was already familiar with the basic concept sunny day and rainy day but I wanted to delve into the topic in more detail. The more we talked the more fascinating she found the subject and the more we learned.


We approached the topic through a combination of craft activities, story books and study materials. I am listing all the activities we did under our Weather unit and have detailed each in separate posts as well.

  • In order to encourage conversation about the weather and different types of weather I introduced her to My Weather 3 part cards. As per Montessori principles 3 part cards are basically photograph of the object with the name printed below. There is another set of same pictures but with the picture separate and the name separate so that the child gets familiar with the image and name by matching them. I, however, did not do the latter as my daughter still cannot read. I just created picture cards with names so that she could identify the different weather phenomena.
Our Weather 3 part cards
  • DIY Weather Station. My daughter found this to be the most fun and it has been a month since this is put up and we change it daily as per the weather outside. It contains a weather graph to color in and a weather chart with a movable hand.
DIY Weather Station
  • For crafts we made a beautiful Raindrop Sun Catcher. Read more about how we made it in my separate blog.


  • S.T.E.M. Activities¬†we loved doing for our weather unit
    1. Rain in a Jar
    2. Cloud in a Jar
    3. Rainbow 
    4. Water Cycle Demonstration


  • We also did a lot of worksheet fun under the Weather theme
      1. For Pre-Writing Skills and Weather & Clothing Match download the Totschooling weather pack here.

        Worksheet Fun
      2. Weather I Spy Game from Gift of Curiosity download here.
  • Messy Play fun with snow. My husband had long time back purchased the magical snow box from Hamley’s which I never got to open. This presented the perfect opportunity to put it to use. The magic snow comes in a powder form and we just need to add water for it to fluff up like snow. Made a sensory bin complete with a polar bear. This kept her busy for a good half an hr playing with her bin. It also gave me the opportunity to talk to her about the Arctic and polar ice caps and also polar bear habitats etc. A total win win in all!
Messy Play with Magic Snow
  • Finally we read these Books¬† about weather.

Share with us here in case you try any of these with your little ones. Snap a quick picture and post it to our Facebook page or share it below in comments.


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